Writing Prompts…

Okay, so in my last post I attempted to start a monthly writing prompts. But with all the projects I have going on currently, I realized that was not such a great idea, regardless of how I love such creativity!

As you other writers with fulltime jobs know, it’s hard enough finding time to work on projects. Each minute should be savored effectively as much as possible. To that point, I’ve decided to go back to my normal – post as necessary since this is easier with time demands. In the meantime, if you do like writing prompts check out these sites:

Writer’s Digest’s Your Story Competition

Creative Writing Prompts

Poet & Writers’ writing prompts exercises

Writing prompt generator

Writing Competitions

I received an email today about Writer’s Digest’s Annual Writing Competition, and thought I’d share the link to those who may be interested.

Competitions are great ways of getting noticed, although the fees can be a drag sometimes. See  a few more contests at the sites below:

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