Transformed is Here!!!

Hey guys:


Even though my debut YA novel is here, there’s still a lot of work to be done – like marketing and preparing for cover/edit costs for the next book in the series. Self publishing sometimes get a bad rap for being poorly done and most times this is due to low funding for the project.

I want to continue the streak of providing high quality materials to my readers so I’ve started a campaign to raise funds. You can help out by contributing and spreading the word! See more info by clicking here.



Whose job is it anyway? The topic of book marketing came up recently in one of my linked in groups. Many writers noted that marketing was very difficult from their end, and most preferred to leave that to professionals in that area so they could focus on writing. As I get closer to completing my novel I have been thinking about marketing. I agree that the marketing process is a bit time-consuming and tedious, but the fact remains that authors cannot simply rely on others to create a presence for their work. It’s very rare to find someone who truly believe in your work as much as you do as a writer, and when you do cherish that opportunity. Yet, I believe it is essential for writers to also market their own work to increase success.